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Suna besha Live Telecast from Puri Jagannath Dham

Suna Besha live of Lord Jagannath on 15th  July 2016

The Suna bhesa or Bada Tadau bhesa or Raja bhesa happens the day after the return of the Lords from Gundicha. On the day of Bada Ekadasi, the 11th day of the bright fortnight in Asadha. The deities, on their chariots itself don the golden attire or the suna besa, with hands, arms and crown made of solid gold. They are decorated with gold diadems, hands and feet made of gold. Lord Jagannath holds a gold Chakra (Disc) in his right hand and Silver Sankha (Conch) in his left hand. Lord Balabhadra holds a gold Hala (plough) in his left hand and a golden Gada (mace) in his right hand. The dress reportedly weighs one ton. They are also offered sweet drinks, adhara pana, on huge cylindrical earthen pots reaching up to their lips.

Watch Live Telecast of suna Besha on 4th July 2017, 4 PM onwards



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